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You flatter me, Junhyung..


it is nothing! I’m nothing special.. but thank you! We can be friends, right?

Nothing special? Nah, nonsense. I’m talking to a queen. 


Of course, friends it is. How’s it going for you? Aside from ruling the world. -He grinned playfully.- I hope you and your girls are finding time to rest. 


Head shaking back and forth, he gestured toward the bowl in front of her. “You’re not trying hard enough.” That earned him a vicious growl, more like playful but she had put some bite into the sound. The woman shot a glare at him over her shoulder and he started to laugh uncomfortably. She was use to his jokes, but there was a limit. Everyone had a limit.

And he might have been close to hers. He did not want to upset the daughter of a goddess, she may have been nothing but sweet and caring, but that did not hide the fact she had otherworldly powers.

"No, really. You have to stir it harder." He looked at the cooking instructions on the screen of his phone. They were making Bungeogppang and currently were on the step for the batter. Yura was in charge of mixing and Junhyung was in charge of… Well, teasing.

"Just listen to me," he continued. "You gotta be a little rougher." 




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"um, excuse me. hey, wake up! this isn’t your stop is it?"


She had taken this bus route before and remembers it vaguely, however, her destination still consists of dotted question marks and curious glances out of the windows of the bus. Florence doesn’t question the stranger she’s just met, instead following him and choosing a seat in the back. Luckily, the bus wasn’t too crowded and there were more seats open than occupied.

"It’s fine," Florence replies after he was finished introducing himself, a smile on her lips. "I’m Florence and it’s nice meeting you too." Her name was foreign and the name of the city she was born from, but she doesn’t often tell that to others. It was unique, she knows, and she also knows some would consider it a bit odd.
Promptly, she shrugs her shoulder. “I… actually have no idea.” 
When he heard her voice better, his reaction was to raise an eyebrow. He held the reflex back, not wanting to offend her, even though the reaction would be out of pure surprise rather than distaste. She had an accent to her Korean. That definitely meant she was not from around here, he could safely say. Then again Junhyung had yet to meet every single Korean, but typically ones with accents were foreign born. 

"Florence?" He softly questioned. "That’s a sweet name, reminds me of Italy. I’ve passed through Florence once." This guided him into his next question. "Is that where your parents got your name from? Italy, I mean." He hoped it wasn’t too personal. However, it was not too extraordinary to ask about name meanings in Korea. 

So she had no idea where she was going too! He was glad he wasn’t alone, his smile widening with a soft chuckle passing his lips. “Ah, me too. Honestly, I’m on the bus to prove a…” he tightly shut his mouth. He couldn’t reveal that, but how would he save himself? “To prove I could live without a car. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a bus ever since I bought my car. I’ve discovered the bus is much cheaper.” 

From itxjongin,
"Hey sunbae-nim!" he bowed with a smile on his lips "I'm EXO's Kai and it's a pleasure to meet you"

"Exo’s Kai! I’m honored," he grinned and then returned the bow. "It’s nice to finally meet. You can call me hyung or Junhyung is fine too. Are schedules hectic over on your end?"


From cxsyoo,
Hey there! (/she smiles, handing over a plate of freshly baked cookies over to you.) I'm Sooyoung, it's nice to meet you!

An array of cookies placed neatly in front of him… My, what a surprise. The male had not expected that in the least, but he was really excited for it and greatly appreciated the awesome gesture. He loved cookies. Sweets, in general really. “Hey Sooyoung,” he replied with his hands reaching out to receive the platter, “it’s nice meeting you too. I’m Yong Junhyung or Jun is fine.” He grinned gently. 

"You really didn’t have to do this, but thank you so much. They look perfect." His fingers trailed over the rim of the plate as he eyed the cookies, looking down and counting off the circular beauties. 


From imyxngsu,
Myungsoo sighed softly under his breath, the sounds of his stomach rumbling and his throat parched, he was really craving some snacks and a nice cold slushie. Looking over at Jun who was more occupied with his laptop doing god knows what, his lower lip jutted out as he rolled towards the elder. "Yah, Jun, Jun Jun, can we go to 7/11 real quick? I'm hungry.." He nudged the other, grabbing a pillow to throw it at Jun's head to get his attention.

Junhyung clicked through a few tabs on his open Google Chrome. He shifted them around, finding some order to the chaos even if the order made absolutely no sense to others- it made sense to him. Finding the order of his tabs fit, he clicked back to the Youtube one, refreshing the subscriptions list.

It was another Saturday night off, nearly one in the morning, a night he and his friend had off. They spent it at Junhyung’s apartment, quiet on their laptops. A simple hang out that they usually had whenever they both were free.

"What?" he groaned in an unenthusiastic voice, knowing the question would come but wishing it hadn’t. This was typical whenever they hung out. Myungsoo always hungry, always. 

The pillow flung in his direction, he tried to dodge but his limbs were too lazy to even move an inch. He flinched his eyes shut, arms covering over his face a little late. “Yah, stop!” He kicked out a leg in a fuss. “Do I look like I wanna drive at this time? Yeah, didn’t think so.” 

"I. Am. Lazy." He spelled it out for the other in case Myungsoo did not catch his drift. 



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"um, excuse me. hey, wake up! this isn’t your stop is it?"


Florence lets out a loud lough at his reaction before beginning to stand up. Her reactions were always a bit too loud, energetic, and embarrassing, but it’s endurable to the slightest. She could barely understand him, but could make out a few words of what he was saying. She was glad to help a stranger in need. “You’re welcome!” she replies, a genuine smile gracing on her lips.

Her head nods, “I think it is.” She had the vaguest idea on how to get to her destination and she wings it. All Florence wanted to do was travel, anyway, and walk and spend her off day exploring. The wanderlust was strong. Beginning her path to the bus, she takes out her pass, old and worn as the months flew, and stepped on with the stranger following right behind. Making friends was easy for her, even if they concealed their identity to the max. Even though Florence has been warned about strangers since young, it didn’t hurt to help one.

Junhyung was stealing glances at her bus pass, not that he tried to hide it because it wasn’t even covertly sneaky in any form of the word. He wanted to catch a glimpse of her name and in hangul her named look foreign. The flow of the characters making a fake ‘f’ sound followed by a ‘l’ sound, which he guessed people confused with the ‘r’ sound. She must have been from outside of Korea or her parents were daring when picking her name: Florence. 

The bus driver shot him an impatient look and he showed his pass. He sighed in relief when the older male did not question his name. Taking a few more steps behind her, they settled near the back where most of the open seats were. Digging his hands deep in his sweat pants’ pockets, he rested them there, use to checking his phone but promptly deciding against it.

"Sorry for my lack of manners," he spoke softly in hopes people around them would not be disturbed on their quiet bus ride, "I’m…" He chewed on the inside of his cheek idly. "I’m Jaesoon." It was not an outright lie. It was his birth given name, but he had changed it when old enough. "Nice meeting you," he whispered some more.

"Where you headed?" He arched an eyebrow curiously.